Virtual Non-Meeting
April 18, 2020

Eric Mosley - Strat

I’ve been swapping necks around on my Strat and a Reverend Buckshot with custom necks to convert from a 25.5” scale to 24.75” which I like better. I also replaced the Reverend’s factory bridge pick up with a Seymour Duncan I had from a previous project. And I put modern tuning keys on my old Harmony Silhouette.

Here’s my Strat with the Warmoth neck on, next to the original. I also put a Wilkinson bridge on and am learning through trial and error how to do the set up. I’m using Dan Erlewine’s book on electric guitars as a guide.


I’ve got more pick up change projects planned and have thoughts of another electric build but Warmoth is currently closed so that one’s on hold.

Eric Mosley - Ibanez

I decided to put some Fralin P92s in my Ibanez Artcore hollow body. The Super 59s that came in it way overpower it so I put some TV Jones Classics in it but they didn’t hit my sweet spot. So I decided to try the Fralins. Got the neck pickup in today.



Woody McKenzie- Pegheads

I've been working on several projects. Here are a couple of my attempts at carving heads, one for a dulcimer and the other for a violin. I call them "proto-humans". :-)


Woody McKenzie - Resonator

One of my other projects is a resonator guitar. I bought an all aluminum body off ebay that is a lefty cutaway. It's from a defunct company and was designed by a pro guitarist named Richie Owens. I've ordered the resonator cone, coverplate, and tailpiece and I'll need to make a neck for it.

Steve Clark - Guitar Kit

He's contemplating getting this Stewmac LP style guitar kit.


Robbie Dummitt

I've been making neck contour patterns from a neck that I like. Not as easy as I thought. I used a little mixture of JB Weld over plastic wrap to make the final shape without any gaps.

Larry Sakayama - Canoe

I've put aside some guitars in progress to make a 15' strip-build canoe.



Covid-19 Pandemic Virtual Non-Meeting

Main events: What we are doing while unable to meet with our fellow luthiers.

Chet Dickerson - Dread

Here’s a dread I just finished!


Chet Dickerson - Resonator

I've got a 1931 National Duolian in my shop right now for repair-neck set and new fretboard. The neck has a long dowel stick that attaches to the metal body back at the cone rest. 


Frank Riner

So far the Pandemic has not affected me in any way, life has been the same old same old. However after this coming week we may be shutting down the cabinet shop. The infection rate numbers are starting to climb locally and getting too close to my comfort to be out and about...besides, we only have 2 more jobs on the books and those houses have not been sheetrocked yet so it looks like I'll be getting some time off soon. It's almost garden season so that will prob take up a lot of my time.

Frank Riner - Garden

I have some cold crops in the ground already and few seedlings in the green house. I've been spending the weekends expanding my garden to about 100ftx100ft and running an 8ft tall fence around along with rabbit wire to keep out all the critters and installing rain barrels.


The blue barrels catch rain water. I have them lined up underneath a tin roof and gutter system, I have 5 in one place, 6 in another. They are about 6 ft off the ground. The spouts are washing machine hook up faucets. I can hook the water hose to whichever and water my plants when needed. I am tinkering with a homemade drip system using PEX pipe to attach to the tomato fences to facilitate a quicker watering session, well see if that's a go or not this year!

Frank Riner - Guitar Parts

This week I cut out enough parts to make about 10 or 15 guitars. I don't know how far I'll get on them. All of these guitars will be 4 string tenor guitars. I'm not sure what tuning I will be doing to them yet. Probably several different ways but I have an interest to try Celtic. The woods I have are - Walnut, Poplar, Sapele, Ambrosia Maple, Maple, Gum. I have Ebony, Katalox and Maple that I will use for fret boards/ bridges etc. I was too lazy to cut any wood bindings, I will probably use ABS. 


Michael Dean - Violin, Double Bass

Finishing up a violin, starting my next double bass, though not to a point there is much to show yet.  Just making a form.  Would start a boat, but technically not supposed to go out to get materials.  :-(


Frank Riner - Kitchen, Chicken House, Art

I recently decided to remodel my kitchen. Its sad when cabinetry is your profession yet you never get the time to make cabinets for yourself!


I am big Bob Ross fan and on occasion when the mood hits, I like to try my hand at happy little trees and clouds etc., but I found it's a lot better to use wood burning as the trees in my pictures. I will be getting 1/4"  plywood boards ready to be painted on so I can jump on this if it's a rainy day or I'm waiting on glued guitar parts to dry.


Today I cut down several cedar trees to make fence posts. I plan on making my chicken house run-about a little bigger.