Feb 25, 2018

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Cracked Hell

Robbie has an old Yamaha with a cracked heel. He got some advice on how to repair it.


Violin Pickup

Woody bought a viola pickup with preamp, volume and tone controls to use on his violin ( But he as to wire it himself. Now he has to learn to solder.




Tom Pafford's shop in Madison Heights, VA

Main Events: Project guitar: back center strip, violin pickup, jumbo, cracked heel, G4V guitar

Back Center Strip

With the back center strip in place, Howard marks the slot positions for the transverse braces. Then he and Robbie cut the slots.


G4V Guitar Setup

We had planned to make some adjustments to the G4V guitar but did not have the proper tools on hand so we defeered that work.

Here is a picture of David Bowen with "Certified Guitar Player" Tommy Emmanuel and the G4V guitar that we made. David asked Tommy to sign it - and he did.


GoBar Deck

Since we deferred the work on the G4V guitar, we decided to glue in some braces. Howard brought his GoBar Deck. He and Tom set it up and then we discovered that we didn't have the braces, top or back with us.


Larry's Jumbo in Progress

Larry is building a Jumbo guitar out of wood reclaimed from an old Gordon Laughhead spinet piano.


Taylor's V-Bracing

If you haven't heard about Taylor's new V-bracing alternative to the traditional X-brace, check it out here:
Photo below from the Taylor Website link above.


Our discussion mirrored other discussions on the web, but the real question is: What does it sound like, compared to an X-braced guitar? We need to find one and play it.

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