June 8, 2014

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Patrick shows off his completed kit mandolin. In the building process he needed some help setting the neck. He got some expert assistance from Jerry McGuire, an experienced mandolin builder.


Experimental parlor guitar



Larry's shop in Wirtz, VA

Meeting highlights: Top Bracing, ziricote rosette, completed mandolin, parlor guitar in progress.

Ziricote rosette and bringing the top to final thickness.

Before the meeting, Larry made and installed a rosette from ziricote for the Bookbag Santa project guitar. At the meeting, Robbie, Jerry and Patrick brought the top to final thickness while Justen kept them honest with the digital calipers.


12-fret top bracing

At the last meeting we layed out the 12-fret top bracing pattern but Chet brought a Stewmac "000" 12 fret plan to this meeting and we used it as guide to re-do the top bracing pattern. We cut most of the bracing at the meeting. Before the next meeting the rest of the braces will be cut, and all of the braces will be glued and shaped.


CNC Guitar Parts

Justen shows his CNC cut neck and fretboard. He was looking for advice on how to register the fretboard on the neck before gluing. He was also reconsidering the bull nose bit he used for doing the compound radius on the fretboard. Using that bit, it takes a long time and requires too much finish sanding. Larry uses a 1/2" straight bit in his fretboard radius jig (no compound radius) and it works well with almost no finish sanding required.