Mar 17, 2013

New Member - Jerry McGuire

Jerry is a mandolin maker from Hardy, Va. Learn more about him.

Jerry McGuire

Brace Radius Jig

This is Larry's jig used to radius top and back braces. It's simply a template with some hold-downs and reference lines to make set-up easy. It's used at the router table with a flush trim bit.

Brace Jig

Assembling the GoBar Deck

GoBar Deck

Ziricote from Belize

Ziricote board prior to milling


Icy Morning at Howard's Place



Howard Wilson's shop in Roanoke

Meeting highlights: Back bracing, stablize ziricote, bracing radius jigs, Jerry McGuire, ...

Back Bracing (Guitar for Vets Project)

We glued on the back center strip and while the glue was setting-up, we prepared the ladder bracing for the back.

We used Larry's 20' radius jig (left column)to match the desired curvature of the back. The braces were touched up on Howard's 20' radius dish.

When the back strip was set, the ladder bracing slots were chiseled out and the braces glued in using the go-bar deck.

Center Strip Center Strip Center Strip Howard Robbie Chet Howard Back Bracing

Other Stuff

BRL Jig Chet Backs

Gary Hunt brought some Ziricote back from Belize for our Bookbag Santa project. Prior to the meeting, Larry milled the board (left column) for sides, headstock overlay, bridge, and fretboard.

Ziricote Ziricote Ziricote Ziricote

Chet's Repair of a 60s era Martin O

Martin O Martin O