Sep 16, 2012

 Jack and Banjos

Jack and his Early American banjos


Jack explains bridge placement to Robbie


Howard applies Fish Glue to the linings

Walnut Rosette


Larry's Thien Baffle Dust Separator (Cyclone)

This was invented by Phil Thien. Learn more about it here.

Larry's implementation was designed to fit on the cart of his existing Delta 50-760 dust collector.

Thien Cyclone
Thien Cyclone

Jim's Thumb Pianos

Thumb Piano
Thumb Piano

View from Howard's place


Meeting - Sep 16, 2012

Howard Wilson's shop in Roanoke

Meeting highlights: Gluing kerfed linings, cutting a wooden rosette, minstrel banjos, guitars in progress, video of CNC machine, Thien baffle cyclone dust separator...

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Early American Banjos

Jack and Banjo Banjo Parts

Jack presented two Early American (circa 1850's style) banjos he recently finished building. Both are inspired by the the instruments that were made by Boucher, a Baltimore builder of the mid-19th century.

In addition to the neck and the rim he made most of the brass components. The instruments have natural animal-skin heads and nylon strings that simulate the sound that was obtained from the originally used gut strings. Consistent with the banjos of that time period these instruments are tuned five, half-steps below modern banjos.

The banjo with the behive finial on the peghead and the six-bracket, 13", scalloped rim is made of cherry. The other banjo is mahogany with an ebony fingerboard and has an eight-bracket, 12", rim. The large rims and low-pitched tuning produce a rich, resonant timbre.

banjo banjo banjo banjo

Kerfed linings and walnut rosette for the "Guitar for Vets"

Linings Linings

We leveled the sides and glued on the laser cut kerfed linings donated by Kevin Ryan.

Kevin Ryan is an innovative guitar maker who uses technology to enhance the art and process of guitar making. His laser cut linings are one example of his innovations. Learn more about Kevin Ryan.

We used Fish Glue for the linings. It is similar in properties to hide glue but has a longer working time.

Linings Linings

The rosette was cut from a bookmatched piece of walnut.

Rosette Rosette

Progress on Justen's CNC Machine

Justen showed a video of his CNC machine in action and a CAD drawing of the electric guitar body he's is designing. You can see the video here.

banjo banjo

Join Ziricote bookmatched back plates

We joined the bookmatched plates for the Bookbag Santa guitar

Join back Join Back

Jim Thacker's Jigs

Small thickness sander

Jig Jig

Bending jigs

Jig Jig

Large Thickness Sander

Jig Jig Jig Jig

Larry's Guitars

Larry sprayed the final coats of lacquer on two parlor guitars.

Jig Jig