Aug 12, 2012

Fretboard Chet

Chet plays his newly radiused fretboard


Howard explains how two necks are cut from the mahogany billet

David Mike

Above: David and Mike try out Marty's classical


Larry and one of his dulcimers


Justen trims one of the sides before gluing up the rim.

Meeting - Aug 12, 2012

Howard Wilson's shop in Roanoke

Meeting highlights: Demo on radiusing a fretboard, attaching tail and neck blocks to sides, a classical guitar with a handmade dog rosette, a dulcimer, a couple of guitars in progress, status of CNC machine...

We had two guests - Marty Young of Ramsey Guitars, and David Frost.

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Radiusing a Fretboard

At right is a picture of Larry's fretboard radiusing jig fitted with his Bosch Colt router.

Pictures below show the jig in action.

First the unradiused fretboard is centered on the jig and attached with double stick tape.

Then the router bit height is set to take a small amount off along the edges and progressively lowered (in multiple passes) until the bit just skims the top in the center of the fretboard. We used a 1/2" straight bit.

Photo at left shows the completed radiused fretboard.

jig jig jig jig

Marty Young's Classical Guitar

BRL -Marty's latest classical
-Handmade rosette
-French polish finish

Larry's Dulcimers

Larry recently completed
2 dulcimersfor friends.
He brought one to the meeting.
You can see both of them here.

Howard's Guitars in Progress

The guitar on the left has grafted walnut sides and back

The one on the right has back and sides of cherry


Gluing up the rim for the "Guitar for Vets" guitar

As the meeting wound down, Howard, Justen and Larry were the only ones left. They decided to glue the neck and tail blocks to the sides to complete the rim. Larry had previously prepared the neck and tail blocks according to the OM plans from Stewmac. The plans call for an L-shaped neck block, with the foot of the L supporting the soundboard. The neck block is made from walnut and the tail block from mahogany.

In the photo below left, Howard starts trimming one of the sides to fit when Justen and Larry convinced him to go to the bandsaw (right).


When the sides were trimmed, we glued it up. The next day, Howard removed the clamps