Mar 11, 2012

Kerfed Lining Donated by Kevin Ryan

Reknown luthier, Kevin Ryan, donated the kerfed linings shown below for our "Guitar for Vets" and "Bookbag Santa" projects.


Ryan is not only a world class guitarmaker, he has also developed innovations such as laser cut kerfing, bendable abalone purfling (Zipflex) and others. Check out Ryan's amazing guitars and his Advanced Shell Technology here:

Mike cuts side profile on the bandsaw


Robbie plays Justen's Electric




Howard's back bracing in progress


Jim examines Larry's first dulcimer


Meeting - March 11, 2012

The main event was bending a side for our project guitar for "Guitars for Vets."

Click on an image to see a larger picture.

Project Guitar - Guitar for Vets

Parts Side
The Parts Howard and Tom lay out the side profile.

Bending Side
Bending the side The bent side

Justen "taps" the top

After the meeting, Larry joined the back....

back back

... and bent the second side.

At right the two bent sides are clamped in the OM mold.


New Member - Mike Delong

Mike Delong is our newest member.
Mike, a recreational guitarist, found us online and sent us this note on Jan 21,2012:

"Today, by sheer luck and opportunity, I acquired a very old violin; however, I have no idea how to tell how old. I spent some time online reading violin blogs and forums, as well as some other info. The best I can tell, due to the fact that the case appears to be a genuine alligator skin, and from the condition of the wood on the instrument, I figure 70 – 100 years. But this is only a guess."

Woody helped him out a bit and Mike brought the violin to the meeting. line


Jim Thacker's dulcimer (Fleurcimer) is made of quartersawn red oak.

He put a wipe-on Poly finish.

The dulcimer developed a small grain line crack, probably due to low humidity. Jim's going to humidify instrument to see if he can get the crack to close up.


Justen's Home Depot Electric Body


Larry's Dulcimers

Larry is making two mountain dulcimers in a non-traditional shape.

One has a redwood top (thanks, Woody) and the other a top made from a spruce 2x4.


Chet's Dobro in Progress

Dobro Dobro line