Jan 8 2012

Guitar Projects for Charity

Bookbag Santa - Chet agreed to lead this project. We are waiting for Gary Hunt to bring back some side wood from Belize. We have some nice pieces of Ziricote for the back. We decided not to use any of the piano wood for this guitar since this instrument may be auctioned to raise $. We'll make a steel string OM (no cutaway) for the "Bookbag Santa" charity.

Belize Wood

Ziricote for Bookbag Santa guitar (above).

The "Guitar for Vets" guitar won't need to raise $, so we have a little more freedom to be creaive. We'll try to use as much of the piano wood as possible. We have two possible tops and bracewood from the piano. Chet and Jim milled some of the bracewood and it looks usable. Larry agreed to lead this project

Koa Dread and Weissenborn

Chet's progress on his Koa Dreadnought


Chet's Koa for a Weiessenborn guitar


B.B. Plays Robbie's Resonator


Meeting - Jan 8 2012

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New Member - Tom Pafford

(Photo left)

In his own words: I took a renewed interest in playing the guitar about 4 years ago. Having been involved in construction of one form or another for quite a few years, I thought it might be fun to try and build one. I'm learning quickly that it takes a lot more finesse' than larger projects do.

Two Tops

Howard Wilson is working on two Adirondack spruce tops (photo right).


Jim Thacker's dulcimer (Fleurcimer) is made of quartersawn red oak.

The body is a non-traditional shape for a Appalacian dulcimer. It's 32" x 13 1/2".

The fretboard has an Indian Rosewood veneer.

There are 18 frets (including the 6 1/2 fret) and a scale length of 27".

Everyone agreed that this dulcimer looks and sounds great.

Jim now has to decide what kind of finish to put on it.

Chet's Zebrawood Guitar (aka "Guitar from Hell")

After everyone’s input from the last meeting, Chet reset the neck angle on the “guitar from Hell” to make it more playable.

This guitar is now really easy to play - great action, looks and sounds great.

Near right, Roy play's the "guitar from hell." Far right, at the last meeting Chet expains why he wants to reset the neck.

Chet's daughter has claimed this instrument.

Woody's "staved" Bodhran

Larry (on a challenge from Woody) cut the staves for Woody's Bodhran.

The picture shows the system that Woody designed for tensioning the head.

Woody's Violins


Woody has two violins in progress.

One has the body assembled.

The other has the rim assembled on the form.


CNC Parts

Justen is building a CNC router machine from a kit. Below are the parts ready for assembly.


You can follow his progress here:

Larry's Combination Music Stand and Guitar Stand

Music/Guitar Stand Music/Guitar Stand