April 25, 2010

Art Conner's Shop Photo Gallery

Arthur Conner

Roanoke Times
Sun., Mar. 21, 2010
Headline: Masterpiece Crafter

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Meeting - April 25, 2010

We met at Arthur Conner's house and shop near Floyd, VA.

Art Conner's Place

Legendary fiddle maker, Arthur Conner, and his wife, Ilene, invited us into their home to talk about Art's instrument making and to play some music.

Ilene and Art Woody & Fiddle Larry and Art

Art's Instruments

Below are photos of some of Art's instruments.

Ram Head Two Fiddles

Art's Workshop

Workshop Workshop Workshop Workshop

Surprise Guest - Mike Mitchell

Mike Mitchell

Mike Mitchell, who owns Mitchell Music in downtown Floyd, and his family dropped in for a few minutes. Mitchell Music has some of Chet Dickerson's instruments for sale.

Mike also gave us a mini-concert on one of Art's fiddles. It was a diverse repertoire - Bach to Bluegrass.

B.B, Dan, and Bob need Caffeine

BB Dan and Bob

Howard's OM - Ready for Set-up

Howard OM
Howard OM

East Indian Rosewood, bloodwood back center strip and bindings, and Red Spruce top.

Built for his daughter.


Larry's Dreadnought

Image: Woody w/Dread

Here Woody tries out Larry's recently completed dreadnought.

D-28 shape, 3 piece redwood top, 3 piece cherry back, cherry sides and fretboard, mahogany neck with walnut and maple accents on the heel, maple rosette, walnut head plate.

Woody thinks the guitar was built upside down. He fails to realize that it was made to be played in Southeast Asia.